Term & Conditions

AT REWARDS Terms and Conditions AT REWARDS is a membership rewards program operated by Asia Top Loyalty Limited. The program is governed by these terms and conditions. Through its platform, AT REWARDS provides members with various offers and services, including the ability to redeem designated goods and services using AT REWARDS points, personalized market information, and approved events. AT REWARDS members may receive and/or redeem various offers provided by AT REWARDS or through AT REWARDS, subject to these terms and conditions and other relevant terms and agreements. Each member of AT REWARDS represents that he/she has: • Read, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions contained in this document; • Asia Top Loyalty Limited endeavors to handle your data in accordance with the prescribed standards, including the collection, use, retention, and access of personal data, to safeguard your privacy and ensure the security of your personal data, to comply (especially where applicable) with Chapter 486 of the Hong Kong Laws Ordinance, “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance”. We may need to obtain your consent under the ordinance before using or providing your personal data for the purposes set out in this privacy statement. In this case, we will only use your personal data in the specified manner after obtaining your consent. • Accept that AT REWARDS may revise, change, or supplement these terms and conditions at any time to meet the needs and development of AT REWARDS and its activities. Continuing membership signifies acceptance of such revisions, changes, or supplements; • Accept responsibility for keeping informed of all terms, conditions, and policies announced by AT REWARDS through various channels. 1. Membership Enrollment in AT REWARDS 1.1. All individuals aged 16 or above are eligible to join AT REWARDS, except for those who are prohibited by law from joining AT REWARDS or who require supervision by a legal guardian to join. 1.2. Individuals may apply to join AT REWARDS through different channels. Applications must be approved by AT REWARDS, and its decision will be final and binding. In any case, AT REWARDS will not provide reasons for rejecting an application. If the submitted application does not provide all required information and personal data, or provides false or inaccurate information in the application submitted, the application will not be approved, and/or if membership has been approved, the membership will be deemed terminated. AT REWARDS has the right to reclaim, recover, and/or invalidate any benefits (if any) given or already given to individuals with such terminated membership. 2. Redemption of AT REWARDS Points and Offers 2.1. AT REWARDS points are the currency that members can use to redeem offers in AT REWARDS. In no case can AT REWARDS points be exchanged for cash. Members can earn AT REWARDS points by making eligible purchases or participating in eligible activities through approved services, as notified through push messages in the AT REWARDS application or in any other form of communication. The redemption rate is determined solely by AT REWARDS and may be adjusted from time to time, with different membership levels having different redemption rates. Unless otherwise officially announced, the redemption rate will be published in the application, and the redeemed points will be automatically credited to the member’s account. 2.2. The validity period of all AT REWARDS points will be determined at the time they are credited to the member’s account. Despite any information about the validity period of AT REWARDS points posted on the website or through other materials, members should rely on the validity period of AT REWARDS points displayed in their membership account and make corresponding arrangements for redemption. 2.3. Members may use the AT REWARDS points credited to their account, but AT REWARDS may subsequently adjust the account without notice to correct any inaccurate credit records. 2.4. AT REWARDS may deduct any AT Rewards points from any AT Rewards member’s account at any time under the following circumstances: 2.4.1. AT REWARDS or any service provider incorrectly calculates the AT REWARDS points that AT REWARDS members are entitled to receive; 2.4.2. AT REWARDS members cancel, revoke, or return any eligible services or eligible purchases; 2.4.3. In cases of actual or suspected fraud; or 2.4.4. Any situation in which AT REWARDS reasonably ensures that members legitimately obtain AT Rewards points. 2.5. If an AT REWARDS member has redeemed/transferred AT Rewards points that do not belong to that member, AT Rewards may: 2.5.1 Charge the AT REWARDS member the suggested retail price of the redeemed products/services; 2.5.2 Charge the AT REWARDS member the value of the transferred AT REWARDS points according to the current redemption rate; or 2.5.3 Any combination of the above methods. 3. Approved Services 3.1. AT REWARDS will list the categories of approved activities provided by Asia Top Loyalty Limited, and the cost of such activities (“Qualified Expenditures”) will be eligible for redemption of AT REWARDS points. 3.2. Qualified Expenditures only include the actual amount received by Asia Top Loyalty Limited. All interest, fines, compensation, or any expenses unrelated to approved activities will not be included. 4. AT REWARDS points are non-transferable. 4.1. Members cannot transfer AT REWARDS points to other members. 5. Membership Cancellation 5.1. If AT REWARDS deems it appropriate or if the member engages in the following behavior or circumstances arise, the membership will be canceled: 5.1.1 Engaging in inappropriate, fraudulent, abusive, or hostile behavior; 5.1.2 Violating or breaching the terms and conditions applicable to AT REWARDS; 5.1.3 Engaging in any improper or illegal behavior when participating in or using AT REWARDS offers, including providing fraudulent information during registration, earning AT REWARDS points or redeeming rewards. 5.1.4 Declared bankruptcy; 5.1.5 In or intending to engage in any AT REWARDS points trading plan or buying and selling activities without explicit permission from Asia Top Loyalty Limited; or 5.1.6 Deceased. 5.1.7 All unclaimed AT REWARDS points and other benefits will be immediately invalidated and cannot be reinstated. AT REWARDS will not be liable for any members whose accounts are terminated for the above reasons. 5.2 Generally, AT REWARDS does not accept membership applications from former members whose accounts have been cancelled. 6. Personal Information 6.1 This section and the statement of Asia Top Loyalty Limited are responsible for providing information on AT REWARDS’ compliance (especially where applicable) with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) regarding the collection, retention, processing, or any other handling of personal data relating to privacy matters. 6.2 Members allow the service company to access and store all data in their member accounts to ensure that all contact information, authentication information, and information related to the services provided by the service company are up-todate and accurate. Members also allow the service company to access and operate their member accounts in order to handle all matters related to AT REWARDS point redemption. 6.3 Members agree (unless otherwise notified by AT REWARDS) to receive notifications, communications, marketing, and other types of information in any form issued by AT REWARDS through the use of the member’s contact information and geographic location data, including information related to telecommunications, network services, telecommunications equipment, customer premises equipment, computer peripherals, accessories and software, secretarial services, personal assistant services, information services, games, sports, music, beauty products, electronic products, technology, e-commerce, cloud services, mobile payments, travel, banking, finance, investment, entertainment, television, transportation, home, fashion, dining, tobacco and alcohol, insurance, education, health and wellness, social networks, media, and high-end consumer products and services, including gifts, discounts, special offers, promotions, and other promotional information, regardless of which party supplies or provides such products and services. Members acknowledge that the business partners of AT REWARDS (and therefore the products and services mentioned) may change from time to time, and members will not receive individual notices regarding such changes, but members may inquire about such information through the designated communication channels with AT REWARDS. 6.4 During its operation, especially when processing and managing AT REWARDS points in member accounts, AT REWARDS may use certain personal data and disclose certain personal data to relevant merchants or service companies in a limited and necessary scope (such as for verification and auditing). 6.5 If cookies have been used to collect data about visitors to the AT REWARDS website and application, cookies or similar tracking tools on your computer or device will be used to personalize your user experience and/or maintain your identity across multiple web pages and/or internet domains. Our website and application are initially set to accept cookies. You can choose to disable or delete cookies history by changing your network or mobile browser settings; however, if you do so, you may find that some features on our website and/or application may not function properly. 7. Other Policies 7.1. The management, operation, and composition of AT REWARDS may change at any time for any reason, and members will not receive individual notices. 7.2. AT REWARDS may terminate existing members with three months’ advance notice. All members must use all AT REWARDS points before the termination date. On the day of AT REWARDS termination, any remaining unused AT REWARDS points will be deemed void, and AT REWARDS will not be liable to any relevant members or any other persons for this. 7.3. Asia Top Loyalty Limited may transfer ownership and/or operation of AT REWARDS to any person at any time without individual notice to members. During such transfer, and to ensure a smooth transition, your personal data held by AT REWARDS will be managed by the new owner and/or operator. 7.4. All offers, facilities, promotions, rewards, and services provided by AT REWARDS are subject to availability and may be changed at any time without prior notice. 7.5. Unless explicitly approved by AT REWARDS, AT REWARDS points or other benefits received from AT REWARDS may not be used for sale, exchange for other items, or transfer. Any unauthorized transfer, sale, or exchange of items will be deemed invalid. Asia Top Loyalty Limited reserves the right to seek compensation from members and other persons involved in such transactions. 7.6. The benefits received by members from AT REWARDS may include products or services supplied by third parties. Members using such products do so at their own risk, and Asia Top Loyalty Limited will not be liable for any injuries or property damage suffered by the user resulting from such use. 7.7. If the AT REWARDS points or other benefits received from AT REWARDS are subject to income tax or other tax liabilities, the members concerned must bear the responsibility of paying all such taxes, and Asia Top Loyalty Limited will not be liable for any tax liability, tax or other expenses related to such AT Rewards points or benefits. 7.8. AT REWARDS makes no express or implied warranties or representations regarding the type, quality, or suitability of any goods or services provided through or by AT REWARDS. 7.9. Asia Top Loyalty Limited will not be liable for the following situations or acts: (a) loss, misdirection, or delays in receipt of membership applications, communications, redemption requests, or processing of general administrative benefits; (b) theft or unauthorized redemption of benefits; (c) any act or omission by a third party; or (d) any errors in the publication of benefit descriptions, AT REWARDS point information, and redemption rates. 7.10. Asia Top Loyalty Limited has full discretionary power to determine all terms and conditions (including those set forth herein) and interpretations of rules, and its decisions shall be final. In the event of any dispute relating to AT REWARDS, the decision of AT REWARDS shall be final and binding. In case of any ambiguity between the Chinese version of these terms and conditions and any translated versions, the Chinese version shall prevail. 7.11. AT REWARDS’ waiver of any specific term of AT REWARDS shall not constitute a waiver of any prior or subsequent breach of the same term. 7.12. Asia Top Loyalty Limited shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, consequential or incidental losses, damages, expenses of any kind (whether based on contract, tort, or any other reason) arising from or in any way related to AT REWARDS, regardless of whether such losses, damages, or expenses are caused by negligence or any other reason, and regardless of whether Asia Top Loyalty Limited has any control over the circumstances that give rise to the claim. To avoid doubt, this provision does not exempt Asia Top Loyalty Limited from liability for personal injury caused by negligence. To the maximum extent permitted by law, all terms and conditions, whether expressed or implied by statute or otherwise, are excluded. AT REWARDS will make every effort to ensure that products and services provided by business partners are available, but will not be liable for any losses incurred due to the failure of business partners to provide such products and services. When members use services provided by business partners, the terms and conditions of such services will apply, and AT REWARDS will not be liable for any losses. 7.13. Except for the service provider, no other person shall have the right to enforce these terms and conditions or any other terms applicable to AT REWARDS under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Chapter 623 of the Laws of Hong Kong) or enjoy any benefits granted by any of the above terms. 7.14. These terms and conditions, as well as all terms applicable to AT REWARDS, shall be governed by Hong Kong law. Any dispute arising from or related to AT REWARDS shall be resolved through mediation and/or arbitration in accordance with Hong Kong law.